Our laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation for cell cultures, protein analyzes and gene expression studies. The various techniques we apply range from studies of cytotoxicity, cell death, autophagy, invasion and metastasis, analysis of inflammatory markers and more, silencing and gene transfection, pharmacological synergism studies and other cellular and molecular biology techniques. Preclinical models are composed of 2D or 3D cell cultures, microfluidics cultures or animal models.

The technologies we use


Cell culture hoods, incubators, image analyzers, fluorescence microscope, thermal cycle for real time PCR, milliplex and other instrumentation for gene and protein analyses.

Test tubes keeper lorem 2000x

Irradiator UV 25lux/cm

Maintening camera 73R

Microscope 180mm GT86

Flasks e certificated test tubes

Quantum mixer 45ssx

Cell cultures

Human and murine, normal and tumor cell cultures.
Over 50 cell lines for various models of inflammatory, immunological or tumor pathologies.


Medicines to support the development of new therapies
ITD-lab has and is studying molecules of natural origin deriving from medicinal plants, fungi and new molecules of synthetic origin

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